CAIM SERVICES S.A. DE C.V. have as objectives:


  1. Certificate the Integrated Management System.
  2. Keep the internal program of Civil Protection.
  3. Reduce the consumption of paper, water and electricity with relation to the last year.
  4. Prevent environment pollution through the proper segregation of waste generated within the company and in accordance with the applicable legislation.
  5. Prevent diseases and injuries in employees by identifying risks and other actions.
  6. Promote to the health care within the employees through accomplishment of medical program.
  7. Keep the 0% accident target.


We are a company that has positioned itself in the market offering the best service of Human Resources specializing in the recruitment process as well as in the administration of payroll of personnel, working hand in hand with national and international companies in the development of its activities of the oil industry.

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25 April 2016
21 April 2016