CAIM SERVICES S.A. DE C.V. has defined and established this Alcohol and Drugs Policy in order to prevent, improve, conserve and preserve the well-being for their employee, have a better quality of life, allowing for an adequate performance and competitiveness from the staff and the company. 

It is policy of CAIM Services S.A. de C.V. maintain an optimum workplace allowing you to achieve the highest standards in safety and productivity. The company is aware that alcoholism, drugs addiction and abuse of hallucinogenic and enervating substance have adverse effects in the ability of performance and considerably affects health, safety, efficiency and productivity of the employees and the company in general. 

Based on this commitment and within the employment relationship, this policy sets out the following:

  • The improper use of formulated drugs, possession, distribution and sale of drugs not prescribed or enervating and hallucinogenic substances in the development of the work, within the facilities or operation of vehicles is strictly prohibited.
  • Likewise, prohibits the possession, use, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages within the facilities of CAIM Services S.A. de C.V. or each their place of work during provision of services.

 The company may carry out drugs and alcohol test directly or through third parties, when there are grounds for suspecting abuse of alcohol and drugs, when a worker or contractor is involved in an accident and must rule out a relationship with use or abuse of these.

Report to work under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or hallucinogenic and enervating substance or create dependency is strictly prohibited.

 CAIM Services S.A. de C.V. has appointed the human resources and finance necessary to comply with this policy and hopes for its part, the collaboration of all workers actively participating in the programs established by the company.


We are a company that has positioned itself in the market offering the best service of Human Resources specializing in the recruitment process as well as in the administration of payroll of personnel, working hand in hand with national and international companies in the development of its activities of the oil industry.

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