Offshore Personnel.

All our offshore personnel work with the highest standards of health, safety and environmental protection.

CAIM SERVICES S.A. DE C.V. has a full range of offshore opportunities including: ITP´s, Crane Operators, Drillers, Electricians, Mechanics, Technitians, to name a few.

All our offshore personnel benefit form excellent opportunities and continuos professional growth.

Office Personnel. 

Our Office Personnel includes all aspects of administrative professionals.

This includeds but is not limited to the following specialist: Administration, IT, Purchasing, Finances, Accounting, Human Resoruces, QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment), etc. etc.


We are a company that has positioned itself in the market offering the best service of Human Resources specializing in the recruitment process as well as in the administration of payroll of personnel, working hand in hand with national and international companies in the development of its activities of the oil industry.

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