Purpose: This policy establishes and informs the norms referenced to the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policies for the employees and all others that may be affected within the activities from CAIM SERVICES S.A. DE C.V.

Policy: CAIM SERVICES S. A. DE C.V.  As a Human Resources company, it operates aligned to the highest standards within the Health, Safety and Environmental Policies within the Oilfield Industry, to protect the health and lives of its employees as well as its environmental surroundings.

CAIM Services S.A. de C.V. since it was established, focused strongly on the Quality aspect in providing the highest level of recruitment and payroll management within the oilfield and related industries and  complying with all applicable laws, regulations and relevant requirements. Our clients are extremely important to us, therefore we strive to offer only the best service, comply with each requirement and exceed their expectations. Working under the highest quality international standards on behalf of continuous improvement.  We provide competent employees for the Oilfield Industry. Although we are based in Mexico, we will able to provide a complete service within the American District (Canada, USA, Mexico, Central and South America).


  1. To achieve the success of this policy, CAIM is committed to working with prevent environmental pollution programs, providing continuous training to staff to comply with government environmental laws, adopting good practices in the preservation of the environment and communicating to all the staff. Also encouraged to the staff to actively participate in:
    • Reduce, segregate and recycle.
    • Adequate consumption of the energy and water.
    • Training in environment topics.
  2. CAIM SERVICES S.A. DE C.V., is committed with the safety and health of employees who work within its facility, by preventing injuries and illnesses. CAIM reaffirms its commitment through constant training in occupational health and safety and continuous performance improvement in compliance with the laws and requirements applicable to CAIM. This commitment is carried out through the fulfillment of our QHSE objectives, which are reviewed and updated periodically by the top management.
  3. CAIM SERVICES S. A. DE C.V. It is important to maintain all compliance with its objectives and that they are carried out in the most safe and environmental way. And, that they be incorporated and be participant of new systems such as:
    • QHSE Integrated Management System.
    • Internal Incident Reporting and Investigation Program.
    • Preventative and Corrective Action Program.
    • Internal Incident Alert Program.
    • Job-Specific Competence Training.
    • Annual Audit Program.
  4. We continue to deliver and improve upon our QHSE objectives, working to meet our customers’ requirements at all times.
  5. CAIM SERVICES S. A. DE C. V. Find the importance of maintaining an optimum environment and will ensure that our programs and objectives are met thus far reaching our ultimate goals.


We are a company that has positioned itself in the market offering the best service of Human Resources specializing in the recruitment process as well as in the administration of payroll of personnel, working hand in hand with national and international companies in the development of its activities of the oil industry.

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