Social Well Being

Primarily we contribute to the Social Well Being by always standing on the forefront of goals and success in bussines that promotes and impulses a healthy competition.

Code of Ethics

We assure that corruption is not part of our values, internally or externally, by developing daily a Code of Ethics of the highests standards.

Quality of life

We Instill Quality of life and Human Development by offering favorable working and professional conditions for all, in one way or another, who form part of our community.

Ecological Surrondings

We impulse the respect of our ecological surroundings in every one of our operation processes, besides being part of the enviroments´ preservation.


We create an all around positive working environment which breaks down barriers and builds trust. We practice this value among us, with our customers and with each other, creating transparency in all that we do.


We genuinely care about our customers and are dedicated to serving them well, through solutions that deliver business value. Responding with a sense of urgency striving to develop long-term customer relationships by consistently offering quality, innovation, and business values that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


The value of cooperation is the backbone of both the professional and personal relationships established in CAIM SERVICES S.A. de C.V. This is involved in our everyday lives in everything that we do not only internally but externally as well with our customers. We always keep this value fresh and current.

Self Discipline

It is the main feature of CAIM SERVICES S.A. DE C.V. to achieve our goals, and deal with all conflicts in the search for these. We do not waste time in discussions, so that our decisions are not dictated by impulses and feelings, allowing us to make healthy choices.

Our Staff

Offshore Personnel.

All our offshore personnel work with the highest standards of health, safety and enviromental protection.

CAIM SERVICES S.A. DE C.V. has a full range of offshore opportunities including: ITP´s, Crane Operators, Drillers, Electricians, Mechanics, Technitians, to name a few.

All our offshore personnel benefit from excellent opportunities and continuous professional growth.

Office Personnel.

Our Office personnel includes all aspects of administrative professionals.

This includes but is not limited to the following specialists: Administration, IT, Purchasing, Finances, Accounting, Human Resources, QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Enviroment), etc., etc.


CAIM SERVICES S.A DE C.V. sets the standard in operation, safety, training and development of our staff. We are allways at the forefront seeking new preparation tecniques for our staff.

By joining us, you will enjoy the benefits of a wide range of training programs and initiatives of smart learning. Committed to innovation and development in learning in the classroom, both theory and practice.

Our training matrix help us to identify individual training requirements for each position, it ensures compliance with each and every one of the regulations and policies of our clients.


Our selection criteria is the best in the industry. Maintaning a wide range of benefit packages that are very competitive and attractive in order to have the best talent.

All our staff shares a stimulating enviroment for growth and development, everyone has the opportunity to advance their career.



We are a company that has positioned itself in the market offering the best service of Human Resources specializing in the recruitment process as well as in the administration of payroll of personnel, working hand in hand with national and international companies in the development of its activities of the oil industry.

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